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Ok, guys, it’s time to talk about a reasonably sensitive topic here.

By Richard Mason

This Taboo subject is something you cannot talk about with your friends, your family, or even (sometimes) your doctor . It is an issue that brings unfortunate embarrassment to hundreds of thousands of men all over the world, every single day.

We are of course talking about “Underperforming” in the bedroom.

As men, we are expected to be sexual superstars.

We are expected to always want sex, we are expected to get rock hard erections on demand, and we are expected to please our partners for up to an hour before we “release”.

Needless to say that while many of our male friends may boast about having such sexual prowers in the bedroom, not all men are able to perform well enough to satisfy their woman. It is much more common than society likes to admit.

Some men find it difficult (or impossible) to maintain an erection, other men ejaculate far too quickly, and some men have just lost their libido altogether. Sex and money are the two biggest reasons for divorce in the US. Without a healthy sex life, a relationship suffers.

With Viagra being a powerful prescription medication that has serious side effects, many men prefer to resign themselves to an unfulfilling sex life than deal with the discomfort. There are not that many alternative treatments for this issue that actually work, most of them are garbage.

But today I am going to tell you about a product that is going to make you harder and hornier for longer than ever before (without the side effects of Viagra).

Introducing, Male Extra.

What Is Male Extra?

  • Male Extra as a totally natural treatment for men who are underperforming in the bedroom. It is made by the company Buyyo LTD and was formulated in the united kingdom. Buyyo claims that Male Extra can help men in the bedroom in a few different ways.
  • They claim that it will make your erections much easier to attain, and that It will make them last much longer. This is something that Viagra can do, but Male Extra does it in a natural and controllable way. You won’t be walking around with an erection all day, you are only going to be hard when you are ready to “use it”.
  • They also claim it increases your libido. Many men struggle to have a sex drive that is adequate enough to fulfill their partner’s desires. With Male Extra this is no longer going to be a problem, your partner will not know what hit them!
  • The final claim they make is that Male Extra will improve your sexual stamina. What this basically means is that you will last longer before you ejaculate. This is done without any strange numbing sensations that other topical lotions that treat premature ejaculation and feels incredibly natural.

What Ingredients Are In it?

Male Extra is made with totally natural ingredients. Let’s take a look at some of the more interesting ones to see what they do.

Pomegranate Extract

This is one of the two “core” ingredients in Male Extra. You will probably have already heard about the natural medicinal properties of this amazingly tasty fruit for other conditions – and now it can help your sexual performance too.

Pomegranate contains a substance called Ellagic Acid which has been used traditionally for thousands of years. All kinds of ancient cultures all over the world have used it to help men get erections when they were experiencing difficulty. By extracting this compound from the pomegranate they Male Extra is able to super concentrate the effects. There is a whopping 500mg of Pomegranate extract in each pill – which results in rock hard erections.


This is a naturally occurring amino acid that is being used in health and beauty products all over the world. It has been proven to increase and improve blood flow around the whole body (which includes your penis). More blood that is flowing easier, means harder, longer erections.


Niacin is the second largest ingredient in Male Extra. It is a natural extract that helps men with their stamina in the bedroom but also helps combat tiredness in general. It should boost your energy levels enough to give your partner the experience she desires.


Zinc has been used for many years now as a way for men to naturally increase their testosterone production. There is only a reasonably small amount of zinc in each individual pill, but it is more than enough to get the job done. Increased testosterone makes it easier to get (and keep) an erection, and greatly increases your sex drive.

Incredible Transformations

Does It Work?

Absolutely – if you have the right expectations.

This is not some kind of a miracle cure, it is technically a supplement. For the product to work it needs to be combined with a reasonably active and healthy lifestyle.

But this being said, if you are reasonably active and you are eating reasonably well, you (and your partner) are going to notice the difference in a big way. Reviews are nearly always positive, and many men claim that their sexual performance has improved all round. The men using Male Extra have erections that are harder, their libido has gone through the roof, and they last much longer before ejaculating (Their wives and girlfriends seem to be pretty happy too!)

Are There Any Side Effects?

There are no listed side effects that are known to be caused by Male Extra. The combination of natural ingredients has been tested to be safe and issue free. This is one of the main benefits for us. The side effects of Viagra include things like temporary blindness, blurred vision, and high blood pressure that can induce migraines. As you can imagine these are not the most arousing conditions to have, and while Viagra might make you hard physically – mentally you will often feel pretty darn bad.


Male Extra is a reasonably inexpensive, and effective way to help men become the lover their partners want them to be. The reviews speak for themselves, and this is a product that any man that is failing to satisfy their woman should have in their medicine cabinet. You will be the guy she talks to her girlfriends about. You will be giving her pleasure like she has never had before.

And the next time your friends start to brag about their sexual prowess, you will be able to brag too – without lying.

“I couldn’t be happier with the results. I gained 16 lbs of muscle in 4 weeks and lost a lot of unwanted fat. No special diet. No intense workouts. I am hooked!”


Use the product twice a day to achieve similar results to the ones in the Superman report.